Thursday, May 19, 2011

the prodigal blogger

I have tried !! truly tried to keep this blog active but I seem to enjoy reading blogs than writing my own! And for the nth time I have made a resolution to post once every week be it a long one or a short and sweet one liner :)

So as soon as I made this resolution I decided to come over and type my story for the week! Its been a very busy crafting week at my place and I am thrilled at the results I am about to share with all.

First I joined a Bag CAL(Crochet A-Long for the uninitiated) and finished the Fat Bottom bag that was in my to-do pile for a long long time now! and made it with wool and felted it too! I so loved doing this project and I just had to show it to my sister for it to be taken away:) No amount of its not lined or it doesn't have a button stopped her from taking it. I should know! she is a seamstress and can sew a lining much much better than I can ever dream of ! and the picture above shows what it looked like!

Second my daughter decided to have a go at this but she was very sure that she wouldn't follow any pattern and that she would do her own thing! She stuck with it and came out with a winner!

I then joined a potholder cal hosted on Ravelry at this group

Claudia from Delights Gems blog sent me a personal invite that I just couldn't resist!
Here are the results of that CAL:-

So now that I have let you feast on some of the goodies I have created recently I will be back next week to blog about another CAL that my daughter and I are a part of!

TaTa For Now:)