Saturday, January 30, 2010

back to blogging after a long time....

Well after a few posts here I got side tracked and stopped blogging . This new year I had promised myself that I would update my blog atleast once a month . So in keeping the promise here is my first post for this year . I have been keeping myself busy by crocheting and picking up knitting. The new year also saw me meet up with my Ravelry friends which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had made roses for each of my friends and my loved them so much that for his last day in school he requested me to make some for his teachers. I made them with acrylic yarn and F hook . The pattern came from a japanese book though you can use any of the numerous pattern one can find online simply visit Crochetpatterncentral and search for roses. It is made as a strip that gets rolled into a rose. You then attach floral wires for stems and add leaves.

My daughter loves to draw and has been learning to draw for the past 3 years. here are some of her latest works.