Friday, September 3, 2010

Not entirely crochet....

Just wanted to drop by and post a few completed projects and also to write about this yum recipe my friend put up on her blog. It was super delicious, very filling and quite a simple dish to make considering I don't really enjoy cooking:) I mean I can cook fairly well but the process should get over quite fast:)

Thats my result... My son just helped himself to a lot of ketchup but daughter decided it was good as it was:). They really enjoyed their dinner though hubby felt the chicken could have been a bit more spicier:)

As for progress on my crochet projects I have these to show you all...

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have neglected my blog for too long and decided that I must start afresh:)
Life seems to be going on quite even steven right now(touch wood!!) though I was down with viral infections and allergies for some time . I have been crocheting away to my hearts content but instead of having finished pieces I seem to be bitten by the start-new-projects bug!! I have completed a few coasters and potholders and some are on their way across the globe to their new homes.

Yesterday I was in a baking mood and made some brownies for my not so little ones and I must say they turned out sinfully good and delicious!!! I followed the recipe from The Edible Garden and really enjoyed the simplicity of the process and the clear way she has put it out in her blog!

Here are some pics for you to feast on:)

I have joined the SAARC group on Ravelry for the Cotton cal/kal that started on Independence day and due to finish on Gandhi Jayanthi. I have planned to make potholders for friends and family and am also planning to learn to dye cotton yarn that my better half got for me from Singapore! This is what I have started to do as my first potholder project.

Off I go to try some different patterns and hopefully will be back soon to share my passion:)
Note to self:- Update the blog once a week:)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

back to blogging after a long time....

Well after a few posts here I got side tracked and stopped blogging . This new year I had promised myself that I would update my blog atleast once a month . So in keeping the promise here is my first post for this year . I have been keeping myself busy by crocheting and picking up knitting. The new year also saw me meet up with my Ravelry friends which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had made roses for each of my friends and my loved them so much that for his last day in school he requested me to make some for his teachers. I made them with acrylic yarn and F hook . The pattern came from a japanese book though you can use any of the numerous pattern one can find online simply visit Crochetpatterncentral and search for roses. It is made as a strip that gets rolled into a rose. You then attach floral wires for stems and add leaves.

My daughter loves to draw and has been learning to draw for the past 3 years. here are some of her latest works.