Saturday, February 21, 2009

Butterflies and Hearts

Last night I was just browsing at Ravelry(love that place!) when my daughter walks in and says"mom I'm bored" to which  I say "why don't you crochet something?" without even looking up.

She learned to crochet from me when she was just 5 and has always been inclined to make her own projects. So when I told her to "go crochet something" she took that challenge and sat in her room for about 45 minutes and came up with this....

Isn't it beautiful! I mean she came up with this all on her own and she is just eleven and a half!!! 

She made it by joining 4 motifs ! She hadn't put the tail in which I just folded to look like the antenna and suggested how if she left a longer tail she can crochet in the antennae too.

She has offered to share her design to whoever is brave enough to work the motifs and join them. This has not been tested so please feel free to drop in a line if you spot any mistakes.

small amount of yarn or thread
corresponding size hook
(she used Sugar and cream cotton yarn and size g Hook and its 5" across at the widest part.

Gauge not important

Chain 15.
step 1 :yarn around 7 times and insert the hook in the 9th chain from the hook,yarn around and pull up a loop, yarn around and take off two loops till one loop is left on the hook.
step 2: yarn around 6 times and insert hook in the next chain , yarn around and pull up a loop , yarn around and take off two loops till one loop remains.
step 3:Yarn around 5 times and repeat the above step in the next chain.
step 4: repeat step 2 with yarn around 4 times
step 5 :repeat step 2 with yarn around 3 times
step 6: repeat step 2 with yarn around 2 times(treble st made)
step 7: work 1 dc and 1 hdc in the last chain . Fasten off. This will give you one motif.

Make 3 more and join them to form the butterfly.
 Picture of one motif :

And I finished a hearts doily yesterday !  I wanted it to be done by Valentine's day but Life got in the way and it got delayed. I made it as a part of the crochet along we are doing in our little group. I started making it in monochrome but when one of my friends in the group showed her two tone doily I wanted to make mine that way! so here it is  (still have to block it but wanted to show off first)

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is yarn_lady trying out my hand at blogging about the stuff that interests me the most---Crochet! Nearly 16 years ago I picked up a crochet hook to keep myself busy at home and have not looked back since. First it started like 'I want to know if I remember this stuff' and then catapulted into a mighty obsession with YAS/PAS/HAS/TAS and what not! For those of you who are wondering what those 3 letter abbreviations stand is what they mean Yarn Acquisition Syndrome, Pattern Acquisition Syndrome , Hook Acquisition Syndrome and Thread Acquisition Syndrome.

I come from a family where crafting is not new. My mom and grand mom knit and my daughter , sister and  mother-in-law crochet! I mostly crochet though my full set of knitting needles and also a couple of tatting shuttles are waiting for the day they will be put to the task. 

I also love sports and eagerly lap up the sporting events shown on the telly. I am a great fan of Cricket and Tennis . The 5 day Cricket test matches, I find, are the best way to sit in front of the TV and crochet!!! 

Well enough of me rambling on my first post , lets keep hoping I am not too overwhelmed by this blog thingy:)