Monday, February 16, 2009


This is yarn_lady trying out my hand at blogging about the stuff that interests me the most---Crochet! Nearly 16 years ago I picked up a crochet hook to keep myself busy at home and have not looked back since. First it started like 'I want to know if I remember this stuff' and then catapulted into a mighty obsession with YAS/PAS/HAS/TAS and what not! For those of you who are wondering what those 3 letter abbreviations stand is what they mean Yarn Acquisition Syndrome, Pattern Acquisition Syndrome , Hook Acquisition Syndrome and Thread Acquisition Syndrome.

I come from a family where crafting is not new. My mom and grand mom knit and my daughter , sister and  mother-in-law crochet! I mostly crochet though my full set of knitting needles and also a couple of tatting shuttles are waiting for the day they will be put to the task. 

I also love sports and eagerly lap up the sporting events shown on the telly. I am a great fan of Cricket and Tennis . The 5 day Cricket test matches, I find, are the best way to sit in front of the TV and crochet!!! 

Well enough of me rambling on my first post , lets keep hoping I am not too overwhelmed by this blog thingy:)


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